Estimated Charges Incurred by New Agents

(Many of the charges are approximate. Pre-License and Post License Course fees do not reflect discounts/promotions.  Also, advertising cost are not included.)

 Temporary Real Estate License Cost    
 Date of Enrollment  $295     Pre-License Course - Classroom 
       (Book & Materials Included)
  $295     Pre-License Course - Online
       (Materials are Printable Online)
 After Passing Pre-License $75     State Exam
 After Passing State Exam $235     Temporary License Fees to Commission
      $150  License Fee
       $30  Recovery Fee
       $25  Criminal Background Check
       $30  Research and Recovery Fund
 A.)Total to get Temporary $605      
       Real Estate License    
 Insurance and Dues  When Ready to Practice Real Estate
 Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance
  (annual cost)     
  $665     To Birmingham Association of Realtors
  (annual cost)    $140   BAR Dues
      $170   AAR Dues
      $120   NAR Dues
      $35   NAR Assessment for Reserves
      $100   BAR Initiation Fee
      $100   AAR New Member Fee
  $210     To Greater Alabama Multiple Listing Service
  (annual cost)    $120   MLS Agent Initiation Fee
      $90   MLS Agent Dues
 Broker Charges(RealtySouth)  When Ready to Practice Real Estate
  $60     Resource/Office Fee 
  (monthly cost)     (Desk, office equipment, personal website, email, etc.)
  $35     Business Cards
  (one time)       
  $80     Double-sided Yard Signs (12)
  (one time)       
  $73     Double-sided Directional's (12)
  (one time)       
  $20     Name Badge
  (one time)     
 Business Charges  When Ready to Practice Real Estate
  Varies     Business License
      $26   Jefferson County
      $22   Jefferson Countywide
      $55   Shelby Countywide (used in total calculation)
 B.) Total When Ready to Practice      
       Real Estate $1,748       
 C.) Post License Charges $195     Post License Course - Classroom
  $195     Post License Course - Online
        (Required within 6 months from License Date)
 After Completing Post $170     Permanent License Fee to Commission
 A. + B. + C. Total $2,718       
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