2014 CE Classes

 CE Class Name In Class
In Class
 Code of Ethics (3 hours) $25
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  • The objective of this course is to provide students with an overview of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of REALTORS® as it applies to the profession of real estate.
 Fair Housing (3 hours) $25
  • This course covers the Fair Housing Act and reconfirms our commitment to offer equal professional services to all in their search for real property.
 License Law (3 hours) $25
$25  Register
  • This course is a refresher on Alabama License Law.
 Agency the Right Way (3 hours) $25
  • This course deals with the ever increasing scams and devious schemes used in the home lending business by not only individuals but on larger scales.
 Preparing the Estimated Closing Statement (3 hours) $25
  • Both over pricing and under pricing can have lasting effects on a real estate transaction. This course covers how to price property properly.
 Risk Management - Avoiding Violations - (Level 1) (3 hours)  $25 N/A  
 Risk Management for Brokers (Level 2) (3 hours) $25 $25  Register
  • This course is required for all brokers, both associate and qualifying. Salespersons can also take this course.
 Risk Management for Salespersons (3 hours) $25 N/A  
 Short Sales vs. Foreclosure (3 hours) $25 N/A  
 Effective Negotiating (3 hours) $25 N/A  
 Communication in a Real Estate Transaction (3 hours) $25  N/A   
 Avoiding Illegal and Unethical Practices (3 hours) N/A     $25  Register
  • This course looks at what constitutes ethical leadership. It also makes the case that leadership is not only found at the top of an organization. We are all called upon to be leaders. This course also takes a look at illegal practices in real estate to avoid.
 Tips to Steer Clear of a Law Suite (3 hours) N/A     $25  Register
  • Learn how to steer clear of lawsuits by learning when and how to disclose property defects, - how to handle earnest money and other issues regarding antitrust, fair housing and RECAD.
 The Mortgage Mess (3 hours)        
  •  A course on the mortgage mess…..REALLY? I know what you are thinking…….BORING!!!

    However there are some interesting scams out there right now. Short sales have provided scamsters new opportunities for devious schemes. I know that you have heard of flipping. How about flopping?

N/A     $25  Register